2019 MLK Combine Times

First Name Last Name High School 40.00 Shuttle Broad Jump Abdul Jabbaar Southfield 5.22 4.93 8'0" Alex Hunt Farmington Harrison 5.12 4.91 9' 4" Alex Ward Bloomfield Hills 4.57 4.48 9'3 Alex Hayward Clarkston 4.85 5.34 8'9" Ali Baiz 5.69 5.5 7'6" Andrew White Stevenson 4.97 4.87 9'2" Andrew Karney Grayling 5.15 5.86 8'8" Anthony [...]

Rising Stars Helps Judon Soar To New Heights

Deck: One of the premiere high school football training programs has helped several athletes reach the top of the mountain in football including Baltimore Ravens outside linebacker Matt Judon Matt Judon wasn’t your high profile five-star athlete coming out of high school. He wasn’t the biggest name entering the 2016 NFL draft, but that didn’t […]

Bryce Veasley – Reaching New Heights

We all want to be successful in some shape or form. Life has a way of showing us what we are really made of. Chasing our dreams for what we believe in is something that we hold near and dear to our heart. Being blessed with talents and natural ability is what makes each one […]

Jake Blaska – Can’t Stop a True Competitor

Clarkston High School is known around the Metro Detroit area as being one of the top high school’s for its academics and most importantly for sports. Football at Clarkston High is like no other, with rich tradition and pride. Clarkston has ruled the Oakland Athletic Association over the last decade. Winning two State Championship’s in […]

Darius Timmons – Timing is Everything

We all strive to be the best we can possibly be but sometimes things may not work in our favor. With hard work and dedication to achieve things that we only imagine doing is the most satisfying. We have to understand that timing is everything and that we all have dreams we are chasing. This […]

Ernest Allen – Trials and Tribulations of Success

In life we face many challenges every single day. We may fail the first time, but may overcome it the second time. Being faced with adversity makes us who we are and strengthens us for what’s on the horizon. There is a saying that is used a lot, cliché, but still holds a very strong […]

Xavier Goldsmith – Walking in Tradition

Cass Tech High has the largest population of students than any other school in Detroit, Michigan. Cass Tech has a very long list of historical background that roots all the way back to when it first opened its doors in 1907. Cass Tech is a public high school but there admission standards are very high. […]

Mike Knox – Setting the Standard

Farmington Hills Harrison High School has been known over the past few decades to produce the best football players in the State of Michigan and also winning numerous State Championships. With sad news that this school will be closing in the next couple years, Harrison football hasn’t shown any signs that it will go quietly. […]

ReShawn Allen – Tunnel Vision

When you think about High School football there are only a hand full of schools that come to mind and one of those schools is Orchard Lake St. Mary’s. St. Mary’s is filled with tradition and pride, you can feel it the moment you step foot on their campus. Football at St. Mary’s is the […]

Davon Gunn – Football is Life

We all go through many different stages in life and it comes down to how we take advantage of what’s given to us. The choices we make and how we go about achieving our dreams and reaching our dreams is something that we all must think about. But when passion and determination kicks in, there’s […]