Xavier Goldsmith – Walking in Tradition

Xavier Goldsmith – Walking in Tradition

Cass Tech High has the largest population of students than any other school in Detroit, Michigan. Cass Tech has a very long list of historical background that roots all the way back to when it first opened its doors in 1907. Cass Tech is a public high school but there admission standards are very high. Students are required to keep a 2.5 grade point average to retain enrollment at the school. With standards being extremely high, it’s only fitting that sports at Cass Tech are held to the same expectations. Football at Cass Tech is like no other, winning back to back Division 1 state championships in 2011 and 2012. They were the 2015 state runner up’s last season. Cass Tech football has been known over the years as being one of the most prominent powerhouse schools in Michigan. They have produced around 15 NFL athletes and over 70 Division 1 student athletes who attended this juggernaut. One student athlete who is honored to be a part of the glorious success at Cass Tech is freshmen Xavier Goldsmith.
Goldsmith is a 5’8” 150lbs freshmen Cornerback. He has been making a name for himself as he looks to gain more exposure as a young and promising star on Cass Tech’s football team.

I got the opportunity to sit down and ask Goldsmith a few pressing questions. I asked Goldsmith, how does it feel to be a part of the Cass Tech football team? “It feels great. With championships under the schools belt and so many All Americans, it feels awesome to be a part of a winning tradition. Cass Tech has sent so many kids off to college and to potentially be a part of that is special to me. “Iron sharpens Iron at Cass Tech”, either you work hard or you won’t last, that has been the motto here. I have had the opportunity to listen and gain knowledge from so many great coaches, players, and alumni. It’s been a great experience for me. Cass Tech’s name holds value. When you come from Cass Tech they know you’ve not only been coached well on the field but challenged in the class room” said Goldsmith.

One of the most challenging discussions that high school student athletes have to talk about is recruiting, what colleges are looking for, and what the requirements are to apply. So I asked Goldsmith, why should a college want to recruit you? “A college should want to recruit me because I am not only a football player but a great student. You don’t have to worry about me not getting good grades. I am all about my studies, school comes first in my book. What makes me different is that I am coachable, I am a hard worker that’s willing to go the extra mile. I am 100% committed to the team and my goals” said Goldsmith. At a young age you can definitely tell that Goldsmith is not like your typical high school freshmen.

Recruiting is not something that most freshmen high school student athletes are too concerned or worried about but in Goldsmith’s case, he is already being highly recruited. “I currently have 6 offers (Cincinnati, Kent State, Army, Jackson State, Toledo, and Howard University). I am currently receiving interest from Clemson, Ohio State, Eastern Michigan, Akron, Kentucky, and Colorado to name a few” said Goldsmith. That is very impressive to say the least for only a freshmen.

With the 2016 football season 4 months away, Cass Tech looks for resurgence as they quickly forget the lost they suffered in the Division 1 state championship game against Romeo. I asked Goldsmith, what are your goals for the 2016 football season as well as your goals outside of football? “For the 2016 season I look forward to helping my team out more this year in winning the City and State Championship’s. My goals outside of football are to take the ACT as a freshman. This will help me gain a good understanding of what it’s like and what are the things that I need to know. Another goal would be to stay on the honor roll and keeping my 3.5 GPA or better for the following year” said Goldsmith.

The question I like to ask all student athletes, how are you chasing your dreams? “Chasing my dreams is hanging around the right people with common goals, and being willing to sacrifice things for your dreams. Listen to the people who care for you and for your best interest such as parents, coaches, and friends. You also have to ignore negative people, because with success comes negativity. I believe I am one of the hardest working kids, and I believe this is the way to chase my dreams’ said Goldsmith.

Going to Cass Tech carries a huge responsibility, as with Xavier Goldsmith who is walking in Cass Tech’s tradition. With his ability on the football field and in the classroom, he looks to help grow Cass Tech in his next few years. And he will be able to take the football program to another level. “I believe it’s no program around like Cass” said Goldsmith.

Watch Goldsmith and the Cass Tech Technicians face off against Oak Park High School for their season debut at the 2016 Prep Kickoff Classic at Wayne State University on August 27.

Markell Metoyer
Chasing Dreams Inc.
April 22, 2016