Mr. Lacanaria

My boys have been training with Coach Wynns since they were 9 and 11 years old respectfully. While they were always told they were too small to play college ball by others, they kept honing their craft with him. Though my boys were a large part of winning 3 consecutive high school state championships, it was through Coach Wynns and Rising Stars that they got the exposure they needed to play at the next level. My wife and I fully believe that what he was able to expose them to through Rising Stars was the difference. From attending camps, bus tours, 7 on 7 tournaments and working on their skills all year round they were both able to play at the college level. Coach Wynns has always been honest with my boys and pushed them to be the best they could be. There are a lot of different coaches trying to do the same thing, but for different reasons. We have never ever felt it was about making money, it was always about putting our boys and their future first. Coach Wynns will always be a part of our family and that is why our 12 year old is currently training with him to become our next college athlete.





Devin Funchess ( Carolina Panthers #17)

Even since the 8th grade I have been training with Reggie Wynns and the Rising Stars. They molded me with the techniques needed to be successful on the field. They refined my quickness, my route running and ability to be able to read defenses. It doesn’t get better than this in the state of Michigan. Probably one of the best things this state has going for itself. The thought and the character Reggie and his staff bring to the kids is second to none!! No matter how late or early you start or even your size, it doesn’t matter if you put in the work and have the dedication ON and OFF the field you WILL have a chance at getting a FREE EDUCATION!






Debra Pagel

My experience with little league football – aside from attending games and being lead cheerleader and taxicab driver – was basically limited to fundraisers, manning the 50/50 raffle and the yearly banquet. Once my son transitioned to high school I was dumped into the deep end of the ocean of specializing in specific positions, year round training programs and talk of “camps” and “7 on 7” competitions. I was approached during my son’s freshman year by the varsity wide receiver coach about considering off-season training. He said my son had “intangibles” and thought he would grow into a good high school football player who had the potential to earn a scholarship to play on a college level. I was extremely skeptical – my kid was just barely out of middle school! I was worried about drivers training, peer pressure and an increased academic load. A football scholarship seemed like a far off idea that was improbable. I assumed it was a way for someone to make some money off my kid by feeding him a pipe dream. Thank God that coach was persistent. He kept working me over until I decided to give it a shot – that coach introduced us to Coach Wynns and Rising Stars Recruiting.

My son began with the Rising Stars skills training programs – which taught him the fundamentals of his position playing football at the next level. My son was exposed to kids that were his age and at his skill level as well as kids that had been in the program for a number of years who were at the top of their high school game and being actively recruited by colleges. The exposure to the kids, the other coaches, and the basic skills instruction on a regular basis built my son’s confidence – on and off the field. He became more and more competitive as he grew into his body and moved on to the varsity team.

Coach Wynns takes a holistic approach to developing athletes. He educates the kids and parents about the recruiting process and how to put yourself in the best position possible to maximize your potential. Everyone doesn’t get to play football at the University of Michigan but there are literally hundreds of college football programs that offer full and partial scholarships. If Coach Wynns thinks you can play at a D1, D2 or D3 level – he will give you his assessment straight and then put a plan together to maximize your opportunity to get one or more offers at that level. Once your football goals are set (and if you exceed those through hard work – he will regroup and raise the bar higher if you want to refine your goals) he goes over the other areas that you need to address – academics, testing requirements, social media presence and skills, NCAA recruiting rules, interacting with Coaches and the media, the pitfalls that derailed the athletes before you – so you don’t repeat their mistakes, developing mental toughness, organizing and distributing you r highlights, nutritional and conditioning goals, balancing multiple sports, staying out of trouble – and the list goes on and on.

In my opinion the value that my family received from my son being a Rising Stars Recruit was not just an honest assessment, a plan to develop athletically or even the character building feedback and experiences – the value was in Coach Wynns himself. Reggie knows the business and he has personal relationships with the coaches. Those coaches usually have multiple states that they prospect – in addition to their coaching duties and personal lives. Reggie has built a reputation over the years for being a straight shooter who will bring talent to the attention of these busy coaches. If he tells a coach that there is a kid he should check out – the coach is more likely to open up that highlight link and take an honest look at your kid. Reggie is PERSISTANT! He is relentless in his follow up and he will keep working the avenue if he thinks your kid is a good fit for what that program needs.

There are a lot of factors that play into the recruiting process. Understanding the playing field, knowing what to work on and putting in the work on and off the field are what it takes to find success at the end of your journey. We defined success as a scholarship offer at a top educational institution with a competitive football program. As of today, my son has 12 D1 scholarship offers from the likes of Princeton, West Point, Fordham, Colgate, Lafayette, Temple – etc. because we followed the plan Coach Wynns laid out. I can wholeheartedly tell you that my son has developed athletically as well as matured in character because of our involvement with the Rising Stars Recruiting program and Coach Wynns. If you are serious about maximizing your athletic potential and you are willing to put in the work I would highly recommend Rising Stars Recruiting as your partner on your journey.




Proud Football Mom, Liz Johnson

The program at Rising Stars Recruiting is the best off season football program this side of the Mississippi. The weekly workout is collegiate level, prepares players to compete and allows an opportunity for them to master their craft. Reggie Wynns makes sure players are exposed to the college coaching staffs by traveling all over the country attending football camps. The annual Rising Stars Bus Tour itself is a great method for football players to get exposure. I am a testament that his system works, I have had great success with two sons receiving football scholarships, one to a Division II school with minimum out of pocket expense and the other a full Division I scholarship.





Lisa Pointer

Working with the Rising Stars program has been an amazing experience. I have two sons that have benefited from the full program experience and beyond. Rising Stars offers a program focused on skills, training and personal development for the young football athlete. Coach Wynn’s character inspires those who work with him to be at the top of their game and accomplish more than they thought they ever could. He provides a clear vision of where you are going, defining what you want and where you want to be in the sport. The program goes beyond the field and provides lessons that can be carried in to the next phase of their life. I appreciate the program for helping my sons both on and off the field.