Darius Timmons – Timing is Everything

Darius Timmons – Timing is Everything

We all strive to be the best we can possibly be but sometimes things may not work in our favor. With hard work and dedication to achieve things that we only imagine doing is the most satisfying. We have to understand that timing is everything and that we all have dreams we are chasing. This speaks volumes for Plymouth High School Running Back Darius Timmons. For Timmons this isn’t anything new to him. He is coming off an outstanding 2015 season rushing for 14 Touchdowns, having over 98 Carries, and adding a whopping 861 yards rushing on offense. On the defensive side he recorded 54 tackles, 10 tackles for loss, 3 sacks, and 1 interception. With these statistics Timmons led Plymouth to the 2015 playoffs.

With only being listed at 5’10” and 190lbs., Timmons has what you call heart. Not many student athletes in high school can juggle playing two positions in football. Timmons is highly efficient at both positons. Timmons is what you call a hybrid football player. He is an athlete that is able to play multiple positions on the football field.

For the class of 2017 in the state of Michigan who is getting prepared for their senior year, I wanted to take the opportunity to ask Timmons some questions about his promising future ahead. How has high school best prepared you for college? “High school definitely flew by so fast for me. I felt like I was just a freshman last year. Now I’m approaching my senior year and I am very prepared for what college has to offer”, said Timmons. Academically Plymouth High School has been recognized as one of the best schools in Michigan. “It’s extremely important to be self-sufficient while staying on top of your school work and being able to communicate with your teachers so you do not fall behind”, said Timmons. With Plymouth- Canton educational Park being divided into 3 separate school campuses, there are classes being held at all 3 schools. This is also preparing students for college, going in and out of different educational buildings.

Playing sports motivates athletes to train hard and perform at the highest levels. This motivates student athletes to always give it their best no matter what the outcome may be. For some high school athletes getting to college is the biggest motivation of them all. I asked Timmons, what motivates you? “My family first and foremost, as well as my love for the game. The eagerness to learn more about the game motivates me. Seeing the likes of Ezekiel Elliot, Le’Veon Bell and former Cass Tech Running back Mike Weber makes me even hungrier to succeed and showcase my talent. Because I know if I keep pushing myself and working hard my time will come. I want to be able to tell my parents that they don’t have to pay for college and that I will be able to take care of them. They’ve done nothing but push and support me from the beginning. All I can do is thank them and that I will be returning the favor in the future”, said Timmons.

In the 2015 season Timmons led the Wildcats to the playoffs with a 6-4 record. This season Timmons is looking to take his team deeper into the playoffs and reach their goal by winning the Division 1 State Championship. “With this upcoming season being my senior year, I feel I need to prove that I can be one of the best backs in Michigan. My speed has improved as well as my strength and football I.Q. Knowing my assignments on each play is crucial to the team’s success and showing that I have improved in those areas will show the growth I have made in the off-season. It’s important that I have a great year and leave no doubt in coaches’ minds about me as a player”, said Timmons.

Timmons has big goals on becoming successful but for him to excel amongst other student athletes who may have similar goals, it’s important that Timmons finds a way to separate himself. I asked Timmons, what are some of your skills that separates you from the rest? “I feel that for someone who’s not tall and only weighs around 190lbs., it takes true heart to play as hard as I do. I have pretty good speed with the addition of great field vision. I’ve been labeled as a bruising running back amongst my peers. Having the ability to run through contact and still be able to be elusive is key. Overall I feel my best quality is that I’m an all-around back. I can be a threat from the backfield getting a hand-off or receiving a pass” said Timmons. These are some qualities that colleges need to pay attention too when recruiting. Even though Timmons does not have a college offer as of yet doesn’t mean he hasn’t received any interest. The MAC conference has been very interested in Timmons talent and it won’t be long until he gets that call from one of those schools offering him a scholarship.

Timing is everything in life and we always want things to happen when we feel they should. We never step back to realize that maybe it wasn’t the right time nor the place for what we want. But with patience and the diligence of finally experiencing the moment we have been waiting for makes everything perfectly timed in Timmons case.

Markell Metoyer
Chasing Dreams Inc.
May 10, 2016