KJ Hamler – The Roads of Becoming Great

KJ Hamler – The Roads of Becoming Great

Becoming one of the best players in the State of Michigan isn’t an easy task for thousands of high school student athletes who participate in football every year. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication on and off the field and not to mention the extreme skill set that you must have to be called one of the best in the state.
To be mention among the best players in the state according to (ESPN, 247 sports and Scout.com) Kahlee “KJ” Hamler is one of the most electrifying players to watch in this class of 2017. A 5’9, 165lbs, Jr. who has a body frame of DeSean Jackson but the speed of a Tavon Austin; has had what you call an outstanding career at Orchard Lake St. Mary’s. Winning two state championships in back to back years. Also not to mention Hamler winning a state championship in Track.

Being a native from Pontiac, Michigan, Hamler carries the history and the legacy of generations of great talent the city of Pontiac has produced. Growing up in Pontiac either makes you or breaks you. But what Pontiac has done well is always acknowledging the ones who do. Hamler played in the Pontiac Pal leagues as a child and became one of the best youth football players in the state. Earning an opportunity to play in the Pal league All American game in 8th grade. Then after, took his talents to Orchard Lake. I asked Hamler, where do you draw your inspiration from? “It has to be my family. They strive for me to work hard and always maintain my focus in-between football and my studies. They always encourage me and provide the best support.” said Hamler.

In the 2015 season Hamler had an outstanding season on the offensive and defensive side of the ball. Playing both Wide Receiver and Cornerback. But truly showed how dangerous he was on special teams as the teams return specialist. Captivating highlights that you could only describe by watching him play on Friday nights. With 26 receptions and almost 600 receiving yards and averaging roughly around 23 yards per catch. I asked Hamler what were his goals for the 2016 football season. “I want to reach over a 1,000 receiving yards and also win another state championship. But most importantly I want to improve my GPA, I believe that’s a very important goal” said Hamler. Even with his GPA well over a 3.0, Hamler still finds the need to motivate and push himself.

Recruiting really heated up during the season and after the 2015 season for Hamler. With receiving a staggering amount of college offers, Hamler has a total of 20 Division 1 offers. Which now includes his latest offer from University of Missouri that he just received yesterday. This is a very exciting time for Hamler, becoming one of the highest college recruits in the state. I asked Hamler, what characteristics do you bring to a college football program? “I bring speed, quickness and enthusiasm. I also bring a winning attitude, sacrificing for the great of the team” said Hamler.

The roads to becoming great is something that you strive your whole life around. Its repetition that you constantly have to keep doing every single day. Life is all about choices and the ones you do make are critical to your success. Hamler has found the method to what becoming great is all about. With all the attention that Hamler is getting it’s not a surprise because when you know your purpose and you have your goals set the only thing left to do is to make it happen.

Markel Metoyer, Journalist
Rising Stars