Sunday, May 8, 2022

3:30pm – 6:00pm




867 S Blvd Pontiac, MI 48341

College coaches invited and will be making appearances

Position specific training by skilled former NFL and college athletes

Our Student Athletes train with a routine of position-specific skills training, structured competition, and an analysis of speed, finesse, and strength training, power physical conditioning, and mental conditioning provided by athletic development experts. Our high intense football training team will assist players in becoming powerful and knowledgeable athletes.

**QB = Techniques for the throwing mechanics of the three -step, five- step, and seven-step drops and progression reads
**RB = Techniques on blocking, reading blocks and route running
**WR = Techniques on starts & stance, route running, blocking, and coverage recognition
**OL = Techniques on run block, pass block, pulling and footwork drills
**Safety/Corner = Techniques on back pedaling, zone coverage, man coverage, getting off block, run support, off man, all coverage 1, 2, 3, 4, bump/run and footwork drills
**LB = Techniques on run recognition, pass coverage, drop and pass coverage, and off man
**DL = Techniques on hand placement, getting off blocks, variety of DL moves, lateral movement and other footwork drills

Technique training in one on one situations whether you’re dealing with making a big block, or beating a defender in the open field, or on defense needing a player who can beat that block, make that tackle!!

Technique training in a 7 on 7 football drill is performed with only skill-position players, a quarterback and a center. The 7-on-7 drill is an effective drill because it allows the quarterback to work through plays against a real defense in game speed instead of against air. The 7-on-7 is used strictly to work on passing plays!!

RISING STARS RECRUITING ultimately will help you earn what you’ve always hoped for. With your hard work and our great training programs, your dreams can and will become a reality. Hard work beat talent when talent won’t work!!!

Event Location

UWM Sports Complex
867 S Blvd
Pontiac, Michigan, 48341

Event Fees

$ 35.00